Dr. Robbie JohnsonDr. Robbie Johnson is principal of Transformational Coaching, LLC and a Certified Professional Coach through the Center for Coaching Certification. Dr. Johnson earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Belmont Abbey College, Belmont, North Carolina; a Master of Ministry Leadership from Rockbridge Seminary, Springfield, Missouri and a Doctor of Philosophy from Oxford Graduate School, Dayton, Tennessee, where she was recipient of the President’s Award. Her professional development includes fifteen years of Human Resource experience, eleven years of Accounting.

She believes there is no substitute for authentic relationships, beginning with an intimate relationship with God, flowing into our horizontal relationships. Her passion for learning affirms her belief that education and learning are requirements not options. They are keys to opening doors and opportunities.

Robbie enjoys teaching; training and coaching to assist others in maximizing their potential. She believes it is important to development self-awareness – understanding what you bring to the table of all relationships. She is a contributing author to the book Coaching Perspectives IV.